Friday, December 12, 2003

The obscure life and times resulting from living in Israel

Got one phone call tonight, made several calls. No one's going out tonight, i think we're all convening here at my place.

The reason?

The police are on "high alert." Apparently there are some friendly terrorists on the way to tel aviv tonight to tell us how much love they have to give. As much as can be packed into a bomb and strapped to their chest, apparently.

So it'll be a night of avoiding all public places, cancelled reservations, no walking around (which is a real shame because the weather is so nice). I should email dad and tell him that if something happens not to freak out, cos i'll be home. It's rare to get this kind of warning, so you take advantage of it.

I know i was just joking about it, but A really did miss getting killed by just a few minutes. Albeit, that would have been a result of the silly israeli underworld involving casinos and i'm not sure what else.

So, fill up the flasks, light up the smokes (whatever you like to smoke), bring over the friends, it's a party at casa dorons.

good thing i cleaned my room.

on a funny note, there's a cd collection called "we wont stop singing" and on this great great comedy show here they just did a spoof for a cd collection called we "we wont stop Yassin." (It rymes in hebrew, ok!)

Sheik Yassin is the founder and "spiritual" leader of Hamas. He's this old old crippled with a zz top style beard, and so they have him dancing and singing in his chair. it's very funny. my dad once sent me a picture of sheik yassin next to a picture of Sauroman from LOTR...the resemblence is uncanny. truly amazing.

ok, i'd better put shit away and prepare for a night of guests.


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