Wednesday, December 03, 2003

I've been outed!

Haha...actually, all that's happened is Zeyad spilled the beans about my having a blog to Alex. No one in Israel knows about this. Come to think about it, i never told my family in New York either. No real reason for it, just because this is mostly nonsensical ramblings (see previous post).

Still, i'm wondering how many people i don't know are reading this. Kinda strange to imagine that. I guess they're coming from the ever fascinating Iraqi blogs.

Hope they haven't been too disappointed with this. It certainly doesnt carry any political weight, as i dont bother making political statements. Occassional rants being the exception. But i think i've done a good job keeping those to a minimal.

i dont bother talking about politics on here for a bunch of reasons (1)who really care's what i have to say (2) i dont really care what i have to say (3) there really isn't much worth saying (4) there's plenty of other people saying interesting things in much better ways then i ever could.

On to more important things:

Alex and katy were just over. Alex is heading back to Oz (that's australia) and so she's desperatly looking for someone to take over her lease. They were looking at pictures of everyone from back home, and they were very impressed. you're quite a handsome bunch apparently.

still havent gotten over the new obsession. Actually, i've been adding to it.

New Idea for New Obsession:
Write on the inside front cover of each book where i am when i start it, and write on the back cover where i am when i finish it.

Ahhh....someone needs to spend more time working and less time day dreaming


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