Tuesday, December 30, 2003

hello fair readers. seems we've got everything from campers to strangers. i know i find it quite titillating. hehe...i said lating. i also think i misspelled it. deal.

the folks have flown home, i've got the day off since my prof's are either dieing or confrencing. which really means once i get off my lazy bottom i'll be hitting the arabic like a new zealander on a sheep farm.

those of you lucky enough to have gotten the pictures from me, enjoy!

those of you unfortunate enough to have been offended by me, enjoy that too!

so no new years plans as of yet. did get a message from a friend about something going on at his place though. all i know is that i've got an excess of wine that needs to be drunk. new years here is called sylvester. i've never gotten a good explanation as to why though.

on other news, i've been getting information together for my Black September paper. For some reason no one seems to have written a clear and dedicated book to the subject. at least not in english. so i'm dealing with a lot of raw material, which is interesting. we'll see how this goes.

in less attractive news, i think the milk is starting to curdle. no, that's not a euphamism for anything. i really think it's going bad. probably should have thought twice before opting for a bowl of cereal. ah well, sometime the iron stomach needs to be tested.

what the hell? cher is doing another farewell tour? isn't she dead yet? she might be, but most of her isn't biodegradable, so we can't really tell.

i shouldnt watch tv and blog at the same time, it leads to odd commentary.

in other news. spoke to Alex last night. if that new apartment works out, i may well be forced to scrounge up cash for that 30 hour flight.

K is back from germany, which is good. we've decided that we have to start travelling around the country more. how we'll do this exactly has yet to be discussed. anyone feel like donating a car?


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