Monday, December 22, 2003

five days without posting...i'd better be careful or i might grow a life.

spent the weekend with the 'rents. good times. took them around tel aviv and yaffo. they had a good time. props to A for taking mom and i around and taking us to this kick ass place to eat. if i end up staying in the country after my degree, i'll probably go live down in the old part of yaffo, if i can find a place there. it's like old jerusalem, but without the super pungent aroma of urine. lot's of little galleries and a great view of the med.

had a nice little surprise today: my bank was supposed to send me my credit card about a week ago (it's weird here, it goes through your bank, not a seperate company). so i went to the bank tonight, but they had closed about 10 minutes before. but i saw the guy that i usually go to standing outside talking, so i asked him about the credit card. i didnt even finish my sentence before he stopped me, opened up the bank, and gave me my card.

see, it's good that all the banks are run by those damn jews!

it's funny because all of my friends are at different banks, and they hate them. guess i got lucky.

speaking of A, she's on her way over for a last coffee before she flies back to Oz...*sigh* and K is in Germany. Praise Jesus that my parents are here, or else i'd really go nutty. Ah, jesus, won't you ever learn? or find a job? quit hanging around huntington station you lazy bastard.


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