Thursday, December 11, 2003

can you believe the seedy israeli underworld? all the dumb shit that goes on here, and you still have gangsters. if only we had a bugsy seagal, at least then we could turn Be'er Sheva into Be'er Vegas (or Las Sheva, take your pick).
Apparently A missed the action by a couple of minutes, she was walking by bopping along to her ridiculously loud music, and didn't hear the explosion. *sigh* craziness

so if ariel sharon and yassir arafat had a baby, it would be the fattest ugliest politician/terrorist/money-launderist in the world. i wish i could morph a picture of the two of them together....i think really i just want arafats head on sharon's body.

heard that on the daily show they did a funny bit on sharon....something along the lines of "he's so fat, he doesnt want peace, he wants two pieces."

ahhh, funny funny...i'm sleepy


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