Monday, December 08, 2003

ah boy.

i thought i had lots to ramble about, but i guess i didnt. I do have a neat story though that one of my profs. told us today:

A Jew in Russia in the 70's wanted to flee to Israel. This, obviously, was illegal, and so he if anyone wanted to leave the country they couldn't bring certain things with them.

So at the train station, the guard going through his bag pulled out a framed picture of Leonid Brezhnev.

"Transporting gold out of the country, eh?" asked the guard. The Jew looked shocked and said, "But sir, that's a picture of Brezhnev!"

When he made it to Israel, the customs officials looked through his bag and pulled out the framed picture.

"Why on earth did you bring a picture of Brezhnev with you?" asked the official.

The Jew looked shocked and said "But sir, that's a gold frame!"

So, it's all about perspective.

Mom and dad are coming in 9 days. Keeping my fingers crossed that things stay quiet. *knock wood*

I need to go food shopping. And do laundry. And clean. And read. Crap. I'm way too lazy to live. All i want to do is just keep sitting around listening to
M. Ward.

Watched a movie about old people on tv the other day. It was really good. I think it feeds my insane love/hate relationship with the elderly. Which is very different from my love/hate relationship with children, strangers, women, men, work, technology, insomnia, certain animals, exercise, intelligence, stupidity, and artificial textiles.

There was a good quote in the movie (It was in Hebrew, and i don't remember it exactly, but i'll try to piece it together for you)....So in the movie there's this old guy who's wife committed suicide, and he's on some sort of trip with friends. He's always writing in this little notepad. (I only saw it from the second half, so don't ask for more)

anyway, here's the exchange, more or less:

"What are you always writing? What is so much that you have to say to her?"

"What do I write? Things I never dared to think. Things I never said to her."

Ok, that doesn't sound nearly as good in english as it does in hebrew. we'll blame it on my poor memory and translation skills. I think some of the problem is that you can't translate certain phrases properly. Or i'm just making excuses. anything's possible.


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