Wednesday, November 26, 2003

So found this article and it got me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. I wonder if it's gotten any attention outside of this one article. I doubt it. Sad, but true. I dont think you'd even hear much about it here in Israel. Why? who knows. Let's just say everyone is stupid, everywhere, all the time. *sigh* just one of those moods i guess.

on the bright side, i'm going to Sinai (that's Egypt, for those of you in desperate need of a map) next weekend with Alex and Katy. 3 days of desert and beach. Which should beat city and beach, since it's been a bit chilly here. Come to think of it, i have no idea what the temperature is over in Sinai. I hope it's hot.

I suppose i shouldnt complain, most of you people are dealing with real winter...although i hear it's been really nice and warm in new york, so quitcher bitchin you sloppy wet pussies.


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