Saturday, November 01, 2003

the molecular construct of tomato soup must be something incredible. aside from its delicious and nutritious values, it's a mystery. i say this because the last batch of tomato soup took 3 minutes in the microwave to heat up to optimum capacity, whereas this new batch was hot as koreanic hell after 3 minutes. pretty amazing.

alex is supposed to be here now. damn her. i could be doing laundry. something which is desperatly needed, and promised to my cousin would be done today. i have to do it. she cleaned the entire apartment. of course, she's crazy and did it between midnight and 2 am the other day when i was out. she's nuts. alex wants to go to the beach and make jewelry. i'm gonna sit there and practice arabic and read the koran like a good little pretend muslim. speaking of pretend buddy zeyad from baghdad sent me some interesting links. havent taken a good enough look at them yet, but if they're good i'll link them. it's about secular islam and taking apart the koran. he's a very interesting character, if you havent checked out his blog then you're a bad person. repent by sending him a nice email. he'll answer it too, but give him time, he's overloaded with emails. throw in something catchy in the subject line. my first subject line to him was "greetings from the zionist imperialists!" he seemed to find that very funny. because it is. duh.
ok, alex is here with...someone? katy! yay. ok, we're off.


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