Sunday, November 09, 2003

i'm so tired. i dont want to look at any more pieces of paper. too much. holy's raining!
wow! like thunder and rain and shit. first time since i've been here. there was one day when it drizzled for 2 minutes. wow. rain. it's neat. it's actually been cold all day. hmmm, hasnt started raining yet....but lots of thunder. maybe it's allah coming down with his wrath. or maybe i've been reading WAY too much on the koran today. A scholar once said that "only a sense of duty could lead one into reading the koran"...well, i'd like to to add that only a greater sense of duty could lead one into reading ABOUT the koran. the actual book is interesting, but reading about it can make you cry with boredom. maybe it's the obsurd amount i had to read. or maybe i'm just lazy. christ i'm tired. ahhhh, no more energy to write. maybe tomorrow.

oh, more hip iraqi's are on the blogging circuit. check them out, leave some nice comments. (side note, they're playing david bowie on VH1, how cool is that? and it's obscure bowie at that...) Iraq at a glance and the mesopotamian


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