Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I gave my presentation on the Koran yesterday. I think it went well. I brought up some interesting points. i wont get into it, seeing as how i dont think anyone reading this has read it (except for Zeyad, who informs me that he's graced my blog with his presence...where he finds the time, i do not know). Still, i recommend giving it a read. It's quite beautiful, sometimes confusing, and very scary. It lays the smackdown, wrath of god style

i've put up some new links, Iraq at a Glance, Mesoptamian, and Hamurabi. Alaa at Meso was kind enough to email me back, so now i'm lucky enough to have started emailing two iraqi's. I keep encouraging them, and the other iraqi bloggers to open up a forum for iraqi's. It's time to burst open the floodgates for the free exchange of ideas. The dialogue between east and west is amazing. A world largely shut to "ordinary men" as Alaa puts it, is finally being open. But more importantly, the dialogue within iraq must be opened entirely. I could go on and on, but i think you get the idea.

Now i have lots of work to go do, so i'll get right on it.