Sunday, November 16, 2003

I am so very tired. First off, i've never read so much in my life. So so so much. yet i still dont feel it's that much after i've finished reading (of course, if i really believed that, i'd be reading more...there's plenty). Went to a drum and bass party the other night, very very cool place. my friend Hede was MCing, and a bunch of us went down there. It was in this renovated hangar looking place, but in the middle of south tel aviv, which is incomparable to any part of NYC that i can think of. but it's all ramshackle and alleyways. you find the place by looking for the big spraypainted tag on the side of a concrete wall on side of the road. then you walk down the alley, make a right down another alley, and there it is. very hip. but not very hip. because no one is there to show off. everyone is just there to dance. the fashions are weird, it's like a combination of what was popular in the US and in europe about 2 or 3 years ago. i think some japanese influence too. very very strange. but like i said, it's just not pretentious. lots of space, although there were lots of people. you could actually breath, and DANCE! which is amazing, cos in most clubs in the city you're on top of each other. plus, back home, it's mostly a whole mess of drunken/high dicks and whores that should really all just meet up outside and have sex in the back alley. (how many times have i used the word alley?). But here there just wasn't any of that. music + dancing + minimal drinking = good times had by all. I barely had anything to drink, which should tell you how good it was. but i'm paying for it now. my back still hurts. i'm such an old fucking man. although we did all decide to go dancing every week. i hope there are more places like this one. but to add on to being an old man, pablo and ricardo have decided we need to have a poker night. good thing we're all broke, or someone might want to play for money.

i dont feel like talking about world events today. it's just been a bad week for that.

my parents have bought a new house (yes, again) and so they'll be moving to lloyd neck. the cool part? they're getting dogs! yes, that's plural. the guy who lived there before was an architect, and he raised dogs, so he built these kennels that have heat and air conditioning. plus it's a lot of property, so they've decided to get two dogs. perhaps i'll be able to convince them to get three. i understand they have to move every single time i move out of the house, but honestly, why couldnt they get dogs before?

moral: i want a puppy.


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