Sunday, November 23, 2003

doing about 100 down the winding highway (that's KPH, you do the math) up north, i realized something. if i keep getting lost, eventually, at some point, i may well end up in lebanon.

needless to say, i didnt get that lost. it's ok though, had i gotten that far, i'm sure the israeli soldiers would have turned this boy around.

i did take some nice pictures though. of course, most of them are from a moving car, so they're not that nice. i was actually worried that if i stopped, i'd forget how to get back entirely.

the story is this: i'm up north for the weekend, and i decided i wanted to go to my aunts school today and see what israeli high school is like (she's the principle, kudos to my having an in).

so what is israeli high school like? insane. really. it makes sense though. total chaos. kids are wandering around all the time, in and out, there's all this yelling and shouting going on, kids yelling at kids, kids yelling at teachers, teachers yelling at kids...and this is all inside the classroom. it's crazy. it's not really yelling though, it's just that really really really loud israeli talking style. i wonder if it's a semitic thing. i'll have to ask some of the Iraqi possie about this.

i could have sworn i had more to say here. oh, the countdown officially begins (just because i decided there should be a countdown)...25 days till mom and pops get here. that's right. 25 days before. it's a new movie coming out. just keep waiting for it.

*sigh* so much reading left to do. ah well. at least a lot of it was interesting.

side note: my thoughts on michael jackson. i think the kids parents should go to jail. they're obviously guilty of something here. either they're guilty of lieing about this, or they're guilty of leaving their kid with michael jackson. honestly folks, these people should be in prison. along with them should be everyone going to the michae jackson candelight vigils. and i've just gotta know if this frenchman was protesting the war in iraq before protesting the, uh, accusation of pedophilia?

"It's really hard for us," said Pascale Hatot, a 37-year-old fan from the suburbs of Paris. "I haven't been able to sleep or eat for three days."

perhaps all those parisians that broiled alive over the summer were really just one step ahead of everyone else on this jackson thing. (that's 10,000 dead mind you, because someone *ahem* was too stupid to think of putting out a little thing called a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! you'd think socialists would be more into that sort of thing. i guess public health isnt high on Chirac's list of priorities. what with worrying about how he'll come up with all that cash he lost in the Iraqi oil business. but who am i to judge? i'm just an apartheid wall building, occupation loving, war mongering, oil crazed, fat cat republican zionist imperialist ...right? riiiight.


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