Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Ok, this blog has gotten too serious, and i need to make it a little more realistic. which really means, making it more ridiculous, like my life.

so i had a job interview today, actually, it was the second in what may be a series of interviews, for one job, that pays what would be considered minimum wage in a civilized first world country. it's a job selling via email to american companies something called PHP, it's a company called Zend, www.zend.com, feel free to look them up, and if you can figure out what the hell they're selling, please let me know. i've been faking it all along. and doing a GREAT job of it. they seem to really like me. as long as you can keep talking, and asking questions, you can do anything. it's quite impressive.

i think i've somehow combined what i learned from acting, and what i learned from studying politics, and have become a master bullshitter. king bullshit, that's me!

in other news:

hung out with yosef tamir (grandma's 89 year old cousin)...he's one hip cat. got to go through old photo albums and hear more cool stories. he showed me a picture of his dad, and there's a really crazy resemblance between him and myself. very very weird to look at a picture taken about 100 years ago and the guy looks a lot like you.

australian alex has decided to leave the country. she's been here for 4 1/2 months and she's just had enough. she lived here 10 years ago, and it's just not the place she remembers. i can't say i blame her, it's really not easy to live here. aside from the obvious, it's just not easy to get along with israelis, we're not a particularly polite people. plus the beaurocracy sucks. (she can't get an israeli passport because the fucking government workers are on strike. let it be known now and forever, socialism fucking sucks, yeah, i'm looking at you europe)

finally found a bar that's up to par! we'll thank alex for that. it's actually really hard to find a good pub here, israeli's are more into coffee then booze. honestly, this is SO third world. had a discussion with alex about hipsters, and apparently i'm a hipster. the main reason being that i'm clearly NOT a hipster. apparently this is hip. i tried to explain that i get my clothes from H&M, which is basically what you would find at the mens section in target, if it was fancier.

it's hard to find good orange juice here. for those of you who know me, this may explain the bouts of meloncholy.

i can see the world series here! unfortunatly, it's on at 4 am. still, it's the world series and worth staying up for.

and finally, friendster just sucks. it wont let me send messages, and says i'm not connected to people. stupid friendster.


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