Wednesday, October 22, 2003

i should go down to the castro store and get a shirt. i can't find my mastro shirt. i love that shirt. will, if you're reading this, you'd make my channuka/sukkot/christmas/quanza/halloween/ramadan/purim/easter/new year/sylvester/whatever...if you'd send one. or drop one off at my parents place. medium please! i still have the matro hat, i should take pictures of me sporting it around town. i'll do it. i will. i also need to get down to the cellcom store and tell them my stupid phone keeps beeping in my ear every minute when i talk. i hate cellphones enough without going deaf. isnt brain cancer enough of a price to pay? apparently not. i should read. i was supposed to have read all these books by the time classes start (monday) but i've only read one and a half. i need someone to teach me all about the bible. and the koran. ah well. i got a book on herems during the ottoman empire. i think i'll tackle that one today. after all, why not? well, perhaps because it's 2pm and i'm still in pajamas. ok, enough. shower time.


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