Thursday, September 04, 2003

went to the wedding of my cousin's cousin the other day. pain in the ass religion with it's middle of the week weddings. don't ask me why. personally, if there's a god, he invented friday nights for weddings. it was interesting though, very pretty place, very low key atmosphere (here you dont get all fancy for weddings, no tie's, no fancy outfits, very casual, usually). so i totally broke my chair the other day sitting on it. it was this old rickety thing with a really horrible slant, and i guess it just decided to give up. it was very funny, because it collapsed so slowly, liron was hysterical. i wish i could see what my face looked like. i have some pictures, i'll take more today, but i need email addresses so i can send you to the site, so if you want pictures, you have to email me (what a chore, *sigh*). big shout out to nick and kat for sending me those postcards, you're the best! except kat keeps ignoring me when i IM her...booooo....ok, i need to go do something with myself.


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