Saturday, September 13, 2003

so i didnt want to go long without adding another post. i really didnt want to leave the last one up as the first thing people see for very long. i dont want people getting the wrong idea, you dont spend your days here thinking about terrorism, mostly i think about having to do laundry, why the fridge empties out so fast, the sink i need to fix, and what i'll do for the day (today i did nothing, sad, but true. although i do have a date with the laundromat later).

yesterday i went to the old city of jaffo with some friends from school, 2 germans who brought along another german that's going to start studying at be'er sheva, and this australian chick. it's weird how many germans ive run into. ironic perhaps? they seem to really like it here, i've met some that just dont want to leave and come up with all sorts of clever ways to stay here. i ask them why they would want to stay here, and they say they just love living here. they're not religious or anything like that, they just say that it's not like europe, that there's a much more laid back atmosphere here (which is true, everyone around here is very laid back). anyway, back to the old city of jaffo...

we went to the market place down there where you can get all sorts of crazy stuff. lots of really really old things, lots of strange things, lots of pretty things, rugs, pillows, furniture, antiques, i saw a four barreled gun amongst the many strange antique weapons. it's always interesting to haggle over prices. it's basically very very different from normal western life. i should have taken more pictures of hte marketplace, but i just didnt think of it. i did take a couple from the cafe aladin, which sits on the rocks overlooking the mediterranian south of tel aviv. if you havent seen the pictures i've put up yet, send me an email and i'll make sure you get them. went out to eat with my aunt and uncle and cousin at this japanese place, drank too much sake and spend the evening relaxing. i really need to go shower and do homework. i'm so lazy. alright, more later.


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