Wednesday, September 24, 2003

been a little while since i updated, but not that long. rosh ha'shana is this weekend and i'll be up north visiting family. it'll be nice, i havent been up there since i got here 2 months ago. it's kinda strange to realize i've been here for almost 2 months now.

i dont know if anyones been paying attention, but we really are living in interesting times. if you havent been, start getting into whats happening in the world, it's going to get interesting in the next year. or maybe not. hopefully it'll just be quiet.

so i've got plans to go to sinai for a couple of days with Liron and some other folks, and to jordan with a couple of germans. there's quite a lot of germans here. it's quite interesting. it makes for good black humor.

hmmm, something interesting has come up, more later.


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