Sunday, August 31, 2003

so there's a drive in theater. pretty neat huh? apparently after 11 they play porn. now THAT'S a classy date. there used to be a stretch on the highway where you could see the movie when you drove by, but they had to put up a giant wall because people kept stopping to watch the movie. i went to the luna park, which is basically an ameusment park, but as praveen pointed out, without any pork products. at least none that i saw, but i really wasn't looking. we caused a ruckus on the haunted mansion ride, which had cars with giant asses. so i've been trying to figure out the best place to put pictures online, i'll have to keep shopping around. i think that's about it for exciting things. oh no, wait, i went to this east-west fusion music thing over in yaffo (it's a really really old city that tel aviv was born out of). it was in this funky garden, very much of arab style. good music. i went with an aussie and three germans. when we squeezed into the cab i kept trying to think of a good joke about it, but nothing came of it. the music was actually really good, a bit jazzy which was nice. ok, so i'm pretty sure that really is everything.


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