Sunday, August 17, 2003

so my computer is a piece of shit and crashed on me. it's back to the internet cafe for me. of course i go to the one that's further away, cos the one around the corner is really shady (i'm prett sure it's an illegal gambling joint. what kind of internet cafe has only 2 computers, curtains over the door and windows, and is totally dark inside, and if you go in the 2 1/2 people that are there totally freak out and tell you that you have to leave? that's really an underground gambling joint, that's what).....anyway, other then i dont think anyone else is reading this, but still, it's nice to update once in a while. hi! to hell with everyone else, you just keep reading this over and over.

so i keep putting off going to the "lishkat ha'gius" (the army recruitment/draft office thing), even though i have to in order to get money from the government. tomorrow, i will do my best to go tomorrow. it's really just a matter of saying "hi, i'm here, don't take me into the army now because i'm a student. wait, what are those handcuffs for? hey! stop that! yo no hablo, uh, hebrew-o? oy vey..."

well, hopefully it'll go smoother then that. i think i'll give a ring to my dad's uncle. he used to be in the knesset (basically it's like the senate, so he was like a senator). he's really old, and cool old people rock. so long as they don't smell really funky, as tends to be the case. i'll just take shallow breaths. if y ou're wondering why i like old people when i generally complain about them so much is that usually i only see them when i'm driving, and let's face it, no one likes old people driving. especially those they run over. i have a letter that i'm sending out today, you all have 10 days to fight over who's getting it.



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