Tuesday, August 26, 2003

so i could have sworn i'd updated the other day, but maybe not. i spent 4 hours at the lishkat ha'gius, which is where you go to sign up for the army. i peed in a cup, had my balls fondled, and took tests to see if i'm crazy. we'll see what turns up. hopefully there wont be any traces of a particular unmentionable substance which just happened to find it's way into my body. my computer is slowly getting back to normal, just a few more things to fix up and i should have it running. luckily my cousin got her computer, so i've stolen it. i went to visit my friend deutsch yesterday. he lives on kibbutz netafim, which is 10 minutes from be'er sheva. be'er sheva is basically the last place before the negev (the desert in southern israel) until you reach eilat on the shore of the red sea. it's a really nice kibbutz, they have a huge factory there that makes special hoses for irrigation. they've got branches all over the world, and a lot of the people who work there live on the kibbutz, so most of the money goes right back into the kibbutz. it was a good time, except i managed to forget my cellphone there, which just means i'll get to meet up with him in the next couple of days, so it all works out. the train ride down to be'er sheva was really nice. the train is only a few years old, and it's really clean and really quiet and really cheap, relatively speaking (like 5 bucks for an hour and a half ride). the doors on the train open when you press a button, including the bathroom door. it's really neat, it's like star trek sorta. it's also a really pretty ride, lots of fields and animals and whatnot. apparently they've put some kind of reflective braclet on all the camels (no, i havent seen any yet) legs because the train hit one once and it was a big mess.

oh, and ok, the phone number i put down is all wrong, it's 972-3-546-7730. got it? good. now call. everyone's doing it.


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