Thursday, August 14, 2003

boo no one calling me, boo! actually, if you get a calling card to israel it's quite cheap. They have one's called "artzeinu" and i can't remember what the other ones are called. but they're around, so get one and call me. anyway, i have real internet now, which is very exciting. i'm supposed to go up north to Haifa today and spend the night with some friends of the family. apparently they've got a bike for me too, which will fucking rock. i'm also gonna meet up with a distant relative of mine who was in the Knesset for years and years (it's like being a U.S. Senator). His son is one of the Israeli representatives in the U.N. I went with him to the UN once to watch him speak. Very interesting stuff. So that will be exciting. My hebrew classes are going well, i had a test today. wasn't too bad. my reading is getting better and better. oh, and i have an address too, although i dont think i put it up's:

so now you can send shit. i got a postcard from kat and nick the other day, they were in wisconsin. I imagine they've made it all the way to oregon by now. if anyone hear's from them, tell them i said hi.

So people do things kinda differently here. Like they sometimes drive on the sidewalk, mostly with mopeds, but i did see a car try it once. good thing there are lots of poles in the way. i saw a donkey pulling a cart the other day, and it was causing a traffic jam. this might be the third world after all. it took the gas company a whole week to get the gas working after all. there's this strange smell of sewage flowing in from the back of the building. i cant tell if it's better or worse then the dead cat smell from last week. but there are lot's of really nice things. like the beach. and the university is gorgeous.

So the people at the ministery of absorbtion don't speak any english. that's like having the INS without spanish. the beaurocracy has been irksome to say the least. but it's going relatively smoothly.

i wish i had some better stories. i've managed to get laid. repeatedly. don't ask me how. i really dont know how it happened. but it did, so good.
anyhoo. things are really good here. people are quite friendly, and there's lot's to do, i just haven't gotten around to doing it all yet. but i will, i will. i got invited to go to thailand in september. we'll see how much money i've got. i'd really like to take a trip to egypt, or maybe greece. italy....spain....lot's of places. i'll figure it out.


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