Thursday, August 07, 2003

9732-354-67-330 is how you call me! woo! i have a real phone! i also have a cell phone, but don't remember the number. heeeeey, i'm in israel! woo! i'm in an internet cafe at the moment, down the street from my apartment. i'll have real internet in a week or so i hope. cable line, the works, so i'll be online often. haha, and you thought you were done with me! so things here are good, it's actually really nice out today, as opposed to disgustingly hot. it's nice to stand outside and sweat profusely, really, it is.

so i have my hebrew test at school for the "ulpan", the hebrew intensive classes which will enable me to read and write like a decent human being. my apartment is really sweet, i'll put pictures up once i have internet at home. ok, internet time is almost up. but i'll write more once i get a chance.


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