Sunday, August 31, 2003

so there's a drive in theater. pretty neat huh? apparently after 11 they play porn. now THAT'S a classy date. there used to be a stretch on the highway where you could see the movie when you drove by, but they had to put up a giant wall because people kept stopping to watch the movie. i went to the luna park, which is basically an ameusment park, but as praveen pointed out, without any pork products. at least none that i saw, but i really wasn't looking. we caused a ruckus on the haunted mansion ride, which had cars with giant asses. so i've been trying to figure out the best place to put pictures online, i'll have to keep shopping around. i think that's about it for exciting things. oh no, wait, i went to this east-west fusion music thing over in yaffo (it's a really really old city that tel aviv was born out of). it was in this funky garden, very much of arab style. good music. i went with an aussie and three germans. when we squeezed into the cab i kept trying to think of a good joke about it, but nothing came of it. the music was actually really good, a bit jazzy which was nice. ok, so i'm pretty sure that really is everything.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

so i could have sworn i'd updated the other day, but maybe not. i spent 4 hours at the lishkat ha'gius, which is where you go to sign up for the army. i peed in a cup, had my balls fondled, and took tests to see if i'm crazy. we'll see what turns up. hopefully there wont be any traces of a particular unmentionable substance which just happened to find it's way into my body. my computer is slowly getting back to normal, just a few more things to fix up and i should have it running. luckily my cousin got her computer, so i've stolen it. i went to visit my friend deutsch yesterday. he lives on kibbutz netafim, which is 10 minutes from be'er sheva. be'er sheva is basically the last place before the negev (the desert in southern israel) until you reach eilat on the shore of the red sea. it's a really nice kibbutz, they have a huge factory there that makes special hoses for irrigation. they've got branches all over the world, and a lot of the people who work there live on the kibbutz, so most of the money goes right back into the kibbutz. it was a good time, except i managed to forget my cellphone there, which just means i'll get to meet up with him in the next couple of days, so it all works out. the train ride down to be'er sheva was really nice. the train is only a few years old, and it's really clean and really quiet and really cheap, relatively speaking (like 5 bucks for an hour and a half ride). the doors on the train open when you press a button, including the bathroom door. it's really neat, it's like star trek sorta. it's also a really pretty ride, lots of fields and animals and whatnot. apparently they've put some kind of reflective braclet on all the camels (no, i havent seen any yet) legs because the train hit one once and it was a big mess.

oh, and ok, the phone number i put down is all wrong, it's 972-3-546-7730. got it? good. now call. everyone's doing it.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

hey all (and a big shout out to rachel and shannon),

things are good, save to exploding buses. jerusalem is an hour or 2 away from me, so it's ok, but i've actually started riding my bike (which is scary enough, since i havent done it in 12 years, let alone in traffic). my computer is still dead, my dad has to send me the XP disk. things are good as usual, i'm going to be meeting with some family on friday (one is a distant cousin that's a UN rep, and the other used to be in the knesset, which is like a parliament. and as usual i have only 4 minutes left, so i bid you a hardy farewell, and i'll write interestiing things later, i promise

Sunday, August 17, 2003

so my computer is a piece of shit and crashed on me. it's back to the internet cafe for me. of course i go to the one that's further away, cos the one around the corner is really shady (i'm prett sure it's an illegal gambling joint. what kind of internet cafe has only 2 computers, curtains over the door and windows, and is totally dark inside, and if you go in the 2 1/2 people that are there totally freak out and tell you that you have to leave? that's really an underground gambling joint, that's what).....anyway, other then i dont think anyone else is reading this, but still, it's nice to update once in a while. hi! to hell with everyone else, you just keep reading this over and over.

so i keep putting off going to the "lishkat ha'gius" (the army recruitment/draft office thing), even though i have to in order to get money from the government. tomorrow, i will do my best to go tomorrow. it's really just a matter of saying "hi, i'm here, don't take me into the army now because i'm a student. wait, what are those handcuffs for? hey! stop that! yo no hablo, uh, hebrew-o? oy vey..."

well, hopefully it'll go smoother then that. i think i'll give a ring to my dad's uncle. he used to be in the knesset (basically it's like the senate, so he was like a senator). he's really old, and cool old people rock. so long as they don't smell really funky, as tends to be the case. i'll just take shallow breaths. if y ou're wondering why i like old people when i generally complain about them so much is that usually i only see them when i'm driving, and let's face it, no one likes old people driving. especially those they run over. i have a letter that i'm sending out today, you all have 10 days to fight over who's getting it.


Thursday, August 14, 2003

boo no one calling me, boo! actually, if you get a calling card to israel it's quite cheap. They have one's called "artzeinu" and i can't remember what the other ones are called. but they're around, so get one and call me. anyway, i have real internet now, which is very exciting. i'm supposed to go up north to Haifa today and spend the night with some friends of the family. apparently they've got a bike for me too, which will fucking rock. i'm also gonna meet up with a distant relative of mine who was in the Knesset for years and years (it's like being a U.S. Senator). His son is one of the Israeli representatives in the U.N. I went with him to the UN once to watch him speak. Very interesting stuff. So that will be exciting. My hebrew classes are going well, i had a test today. wasn't too bad. my reading is getting better and better. oh, and i have an address too, although i dont think i put it up's:

so now you can send shit. i got a postcard from kat and nick the other day, they were in wisconsin. I imagine they've made it all the way to oregon by now. if anyone hear's from them, tell them i said hi.

So people do things kinda differently here. Like they sometimes drive on the sidewalk, mostly with mopeds, but i did see a car try it once. good thing there are lots of poles in the way. i saw a donkey pulling a cart the other day, and it was causing a traffic jam. this might be the third world after all. it took the gas company a whole week to get the gas working after all. there's this strange smell of sewage flowing in from the back of the building. i cant tell if it's better or worse then the dead cat smell from last week. but there are lot's of really nice things. like the beach. and the university is gorgeous.

So the people at the ministery of absorbtion don't speak any english. that's like having the INS without spanish. the beaurocracy has been irksome to say the least. but it's going relatively smoothly.

i wish i had some better stories. i've managed to get laid. repeatedly. don't ask me how. i really dont know how it happened. but it did, so good.
anyhoo. things are really good here. people are quite friendly, and there's lot's to do, i just haven't gotten around to doing it all yet. but i will, i will. i got invited to go to thailand in september. we'll see how much money i've got. i'd really like to take a trip to egypt, or maybe greece. italy....spain....lot's of places. i'll figure it out.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

9732-354-67-330 is how you call me! woo! i have a real phone! i also have a cell phone, but don't remember the number. heeeeey, i'm in israel! woo! i'm in an internet cafe at the moment, down the street from my apartment. i'll have real internet in a week or so i hope. cable line, the works, so i'll be online often. haha, and you thought you were done with me! so things here are good, it's actually really nice out today, as opposed to disgustingly hot. it's nice to stand outside and sweat profusely, really, it is.

so i have my hebrew test at school for the "ulpan", the hebrew intensive classes which will enable me to read and write like a decent human being. my apartment is really sweet, i'll put pictures up once i have internet at home. ok, internet time is almost up. but i'll write more once i get a chance.