Tuesday, July 15, 2003

So there's some news to tell, first go here and read the article on -->Prof. Andrew Wilkie

Read it? good, because otherwise none of this will make any sense to you. A few days before this article came out, i found out about Prof. Wilkie and decided to contact him. interestingly enough, he replied and for some time we shared a correspondance until Oxford began investigating his action and he was told to cease discussing the matter. but i think he said some interesting things and if you want a copy of the correspondance, just email me.

I don't believe that Wilkie is an anti-semite, but he certainly is misguided. He doesn't understand that there is more in Israel then suicide bombers and military operations. much much more. everyone hear's about being influenced by the media, but this is one of those times where you get to see just how serious that influence can be when you couple it with a lack of education regarding the matter at hand. It's just sad to see someone in Prof. Wilkie's position have so little understanding or empathy.

But on to more exciting news.....I have an apartment! woo! I'll put up a map of Tel Aviv in the picture section and mark off where my apt. is and where the university is, blue dot for home, red dot for school. it's going to be a 10 minute walk to the beach, and it's in the sort of downtown area with lots of cafe's and resteraunts and whatnot. I'll be sharing it with Liron, so it'll be good times. It even has a bed and some other stuff for me so i wont have to ship it all.

I've been juggling my student loan stuff and my aliyah stuff all day, and i imagine the rest of the week will be like this as well. not fun, but it's gotta get done. I got to meet the two other new yorkers that are going to be in the program with me, daniel and miriam. very nice people. we were each worried that the other two would show up in either suits or ultra-religious garb. luckily there was none of that, and both were very laid back.

this is going to be quite an interesting mix i imagine, since there's already one person from romania and another from the neatherlands, and goodness knows what other nationalities will be there.


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