Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Hey all,
So i'm gonna try this wacky little blog thing to try and keep everyone in the know about my clearly very exciting life. (Here is your chance to live vicariously through me!) Ok, time to explain what i'm going to be doing in Eretz Yisrael...
I'm getting my masters degree in Middle Eastern History from Tel Aviv University

I'm also making Aliyah to Israel, which means i'm moving there as a new immigrant (or rather a Katin Chozer, someone who left Israel before age 14). It's neat cos i'll get all sorts of funding and help and whatnot.

As far as where i'll be living, it's kind of up in the air. I'm gonna sign up for dorms, hopefully my cousin Liron will find us an apartment before i get there. If you didn't meet her when she was staying with me last fall, she's my age and going to be starting her undergraduate work at Tel Aviv U also.

A bunch of people asked me about the army, so here's the deal. As long as i get there after my birthday i should only have to do 6 months at most. I really don't know anything besides that. One good bit of news, a friend of mine told me that he knew some people in Shlav Bet (that's the unit they put Olim [immigrants] when they go into the army) that went to Australia to do their service.

So i have to get to Israel sometime between July 30th (the day after my birthday) and August 4 (the day before classes start)

Actually, i don't start classes right away, i do 6 weeks of Ulpan, which is just really intensive Hebrew classes. My verbal skills are pretty good, but reading and writing is for shit, so i'll definatly need this. i should be working on this now, but i'm a lazy fuck.


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